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Camp Glide is always looking for new schools to partner with to provide quality wraparound care. Learn what makes us unique.


We offer the best of both worlds—the resources and expertise of a big provider as well as the personal, flexible service of a smaller one. 

We have the qualified and experienced staff and behind-the-scenes training you’d expect from a big provider. Our arsenal of equipment means we can support a wide range of activities. At the same time, our programs can easily be tailored to a school’s specific needs. And head teachers always have a direct line to our director, should they need it.

We are a community—a place where children are given the space and confidence to try new things and make new friends. 

From our signature “Giving Back Project” to our everyday approach to facilitating activities, our values—caring, honesty, respect and responsibility—are at the core of everything we do. Our dedicated staff ensure children feel safe, supported and equipped to make good choices.

We are affordable and accessible—our services are designed to be inclusive of all families. 

Affordable rates and simple online booking make it easy for parents to balance childcare and other commitments. Parents can book multiple sessions at a time or ad hoc, and can pay with childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare. We’ll be there when parents need us.

We are committed to quality at every level—in our partnership with schools, our service to families and, of course, our provision of childcare. 

We know the importance of good communication when partnering with schools and families to provide strong and safe continuity of care. Families can also expect from us flexibility, responsiveness, and a friendly face at our door each day. Of course, when it comes to childcare, safety is paramount. We are Ofsted-registered and consistently meet and exceed Ofsted requirements.

Why have a wraparound childcare provider?

Benefits to Children

Children who attend breakfast and after school clubs perform better in schools:

  • They have better attendance, punctuality and behaviour.

  • They  benefit from improved learning, social, emotional and personal development, progress through play, healthier eating and more.

Benefits to Families

Busy families are better able to balance childcare and work:

  • Camp Glide provides low-cost childcare--we are proud to say that our rates are more affordable than all other providers in our area.

  • We operate every school day. If plans change at the last minute, we are there to help. 

Benefits to Schools

Schools secure a reliable income while making their schools more attractive to families: 

  • By letting your premise your school will receive regular fees throughout the year to pay for extra staff/resources to help your school grow. 

  • Most parents look for a great wraparound provision when deciding which school their child should attend.  


We make providing wraparound childcare hassle-free

We recruit, manage and train experienced and qualified staff to run our provisions.

We supply all of our own resources to run the club.

We handle all of the administration of the club, including bookings, registers, registrations, etc.

We have our own robust procedures in place to ensure the smooth running of our sessions. Safeguarding is our priority. 


Head Teacher Referral Scheme

Value our service?

If your school is benefitting from Camp Glide, why not tell another school about our service?

Recommend us to another school

Ask the school to complete the "School Partnership Form" below to help us initiate a new partnership.

Get £1000 for your school

If we successfully start a new club at the referred school, you will receive a £1000 donation to your school.*

School Partnership Form

* To receive £1000 donation all conditions must be satisfied:

  • Camp Glide must open a wraparound care setting at the site of referred school within 12 months of completing this form.

  • Camp Glide's wraparound setting must be open at the site of the referred school for a minimun of 3 months.

  • Donation is payable to only one referring school. The first "referring school" that meets the above criteria will receive the donation.

  • There is no limit to the amount of schools you can refer to receive a donation should all the criteria be satisfied.

  • Offer can be withdrawn at anytime.

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