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Please use our club phones to tell us about any child-related information such as collection arrangements. Club phones may only be answered during club opening hours.

Club Phones and Hours

Chipstead Valley Club

Club Phone: 07838390485 Club Hours (school holidays only): 7.30am - 6pm

Hokey Cokey (Holmesdale) Club

Club Phone: 07414118309 Club Hours: End of school - 6pm

Lime Tree Club

Club Phone: 07446508112 Club Hours:

  • 7.30am - Beginning of school
  • End of school - 6pm

Merstham Primary Club

Club Phone: 07414127678 Club Hours:

  • 7.40am - Beginning of school
  • End of school - 6pm

Trinity Oaks Club

Club Phone: 07470140949 Club Hours: End of school - 6pm

Wray Common and Camp Glide Club

Club Phone: 07749493939 Club Hours: Term time:

  • 7.30 - beginning of School
  • End of school - 6pm
School holidays:
  • 7.30am-6pm

All Other Inquiries

Please call 0330 113 5600 or fill out the form below.

St Anne's Club

Club Phone: 07312307729 Club Hours: End of school - 6pm

For other inquiries, please fill out this form:

Please note our setting addresses are listed separately on this website.

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Phone: 0330 113 5600

Company Number: 08497060

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