Refer a friend!

You can now earn £10 or £15 credit to use for your bookings by referring a friend

How it works

1. Spread the word to your friends about Camp Glide holiday camps and our breakfast and afterschool clubs!

2. When your friends go on our website to register, they will see a ‘Where did you hear about us?’ box. In this box they will write your full name. 

3. Sit back and relax. We will email you within 5 working days to give you your unique booking code for you to use whenever you like!

P.S. there is no limit to the amount of friends you can refer! If you refer 4 friends, you will receive 4 lots of credit to use for your subsequent bookings. 

Terms and conditions

  • The wraparound care credit you receive will correspond to the booking your referral makes e.g., if they book a wraparound care session, you will receive £10 worth of wraparound care credit. If they book onto a day at holiday camp, you will receive £15 worth of camp credit.

  • In order to qualify for this promotion, your referral must not have already registered with Camp Glide.

  • Referrals are not limited, refer as many different people as you can and receive £10 wraparound care credit or £15 camp credit every time!

  • In order to redeem the wraparound care credit/camp credit, a full name must be provided when your referral is registering.

  • Only one wraparound care credit/camp credit reward will be offered per referral. This is regardless of the number of children that are registered by an individual e.g., if one parent books a breakfast club session for their 2 children, you will receive £10 wraparound care credit.      

  • Reward codes must be used for bookings within 12 months of being earned.

  • Bookings will be subject to availability. 

  • Reward codes cannot be used to replace existing bookings.

  • There will be no cash alternative offered.

  • Rewards cannot be exchanged between families once the referral has been made.

  • Camp Glide reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.