Policies, Terms and Conditions

Before booking, please review our policies, terms and conditions. By using or accessing our services, you agree to be bound by these terms. You also confirm to have read and agreed to our privacy and cookies policy. 

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Terms & Conditions

By using or accessing our services, you agree to be bound by these terms. You also confirm to have read and agree to our privacy and cookies policy.


All bookings must be made in advance and are subject to availability.  Places are given to all registered children on a first come, first served basis. The one-off £15 registration fee must be paid to benefit from the reduced member rate for children attending Glide Rangers/Hokey Cokey. Bookings can be made up to the start of the session. Bookings made less than 1.5 hours prior to the start of the session must be accompanied by a message to the club phone to make us aware of the late booking. Late bookings that are not accompanied by a message received to the club phone or made after the session has begun are accepted at the discretion of Camp Glide. Bookings are non transferable. Bookings may be transferred to siblings (proof may be required).  Payment must be taken at the time of booking with the exception of childcare vouchers and yearlong bookings. Please see our FAQs page for more information on childcare vouchers.

Booking policy for non attendance:

No credit or refund will be given if a child is unable to attend unless the correct notice period is given. This includes if they are unwell, required to self-isolate for any reason and, therefore, are unable to attend our settings or for any other reason.

Please consider our 14 day and 24 hour cancellation policies carefully when making your booking and make the right choice for you.

Refunds and cancellations/amendments:

If you wish to cancel or make an amendment to a booking please let us know via email to info@campglide.co.uk. Due to staff and resources already being in place, refunds or credits for any booking cancellations or amendments will only be given if a minimum of 14 days notice is given in writing via email to info@campglide.co.uk. Amendments to bookings or credits can only be used towards sessions where space is available. If a child is due to attend one of our settings and is no longer going to attend, parents/carers must inform the particular setting in advance to the club phone.

For customers that have purchased the option for late cancellation, the same policy will apply with a minimum of 24 hours notice given in writing via email to info@campglide.co.uk. If you exercise your cancellation, you cannot book at a lower price for the sessions cancelled for the following 14 days.

Hokey Cokey yearlong bookings and cancellation/amendments:

Hokey Cokey year long bookings are subject to a 6 weeks written notice cancellation policy for any cancellation, amendment, credit or refund. If you wish to pay with 10 monthly instalments please email info@campglide.co.uk. We will issue you with instructions to place your booking. You will receive an invoice shortly after your booking has been made. You will be required to make 10 monthly payments between the 10th and 15th of each month (August-May). The amount we require each month will be notified to you on your invoice. Failure to make these monthly payments will result in your booking being cancelled and no refund being offered. 

Overdue payments

Any child who's account is in arrears may be denied a place until all debts are settled. Camp Glide will pass any unrecovered fees to an external debt collection agency. Any fees associated with the debt collection will be passed on to the debtor.

Late collection

Camp Glide strongly encourages having a support network in case parents/carers are unable to collect their children on time. If you are unable to collect on time for any reason, parents/carers must inform the particular setting via a phone call.  The following late collection fees will apply:

  • £5 for the first 5 mins

  • £20 for the first 15 mins 

  • £20 for every lot of 15 mins thereafter. Charge begins at each 15 min period.

Persistent offenders may be denied a place at our settings. A 50% reduction in late collection fees, for collections less than 15 mins late, will apply in instances when the Camp Glide management has been informed by phone before 6pm on the day.

Administration fees

A £1 administration fee will be charged per child, per session, in instances when the child has not been booked in advance of the start of the advertised session through our online store. We are only able to accept children that have not been booked in after the start of a session with the agreement of the management of the respective setting. 

Child and Guardian information

We require certain information about your child and parents/carers in order for your child to attend. You can provide this information on the registration form on our website. Camp Glide is dedicated to keeping this information safe. If you no longer wish to use Camp Glide, you can request that we delete certain information we hold. More information on this is available in our data policy. Parents/Carers of children attending any of our settings consent to information sharing between our settings and your child's respective school. We may also use basic child or guardian information to reconcile payments with a payment provider (e.g. Voucher company, educational establishment etc),  HMRC or another government agency (e.g. Tax Free Childcare or FEET Funding). 

Photography at Camp Glide and Glide Rangers

Children attending any Camp Glide setting may be photographed by our trained staff. Photographs may be used as part of our marketing material, including online. Children's names will never appear alongside a photograph on any of our marketing material or other publications. Photographs with children in them will never be given to anyone and remain property of Camp Glide Ltd. Parents/carers, visitors and children are not permitted to take photographs/videos at any Camp Glide setting. If you do not wish for us to take photographs of your child please inform the management in writing before they attend (this is required in the registration form).

First aid & medication

Staff at Camp Glide's settings are trained  in first aid in line with statutory requirements. Camp Glide will act in the best interest of your child should your child require first aid. Settings will be able to manage most medications with the appropriate paperwork being completed in advance of your child attending.

Service closures

In rare circumstances, we may need to close our settings. In normal circumstances you will be given two weeks notice. In extreme circumstances (i.e. issues surrounding setting safety, adverse weather etc.) in which the setting may need to close without notice, we will issue notices on our website and attempt to contact parents/carers via email. You will receive a credit for the sessions of full closure (i.e. the setting is closed to all children). No other compensation will be provided if our settings need to close.

Camp Glide will endeavour to swim each day at our holiday club (usually in the morning). Please be aware that in rare circumstances swimming may not take place or the session time may be moved (this may happen with late notice). We will arrange alternative activities to take place in these circumstances. No refund will be given for closure of the pool.


Any credit you are given will expire once 12 months has passed from the date it is generated. Any overpayments will automatically form a credit from the date Camp Glide receives it.


Camp Glide accepts no liability for damages resulting from the use of our service. Camp Glide does not accept liability for personal injury or death of any participants unless directly caused by the proven negligence of the company.