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For the next two weeks at Merstham Rangers we are discovering healthy eating and learning about all kinds of different vegetables and fruit. Once a week we are going to cook or make something delicious! This week we are making colourful fruit salad for our afternoon snack. Helping to promote our fine motor skills we will be cutting  fruit and veg shapes out of worksheets and developing our understanding of a healthy snack. Treats can be healthy!  😊


We have had some great fun this week making fruit salads and learning about eating healthy! Here are some pictures of us having a great time!

We also spent some time building a house out of our building bricks for our four resident cuddly dogs, houses fit for a king!


Lastly, this week we had  more fun by making some fake snow and using it to build our tiny, funny looking snowmen!

I wonder what fun we will get up to next week! 











This past week at Merstham Rangers we have been learning about  different vegetables and how to make a nice, healthy snack options (carrot, pepper and cucumber sticks and hummus). On Tuesday we made delicious pita bread pizzas with sweet corn, colourful papers , tomatoes and cheese on the top.

The Lake District Park (blue) won the competition with Peak District (green) showing a great understanding about values and rules important for Rangers.

On Friday we made some junk modelling and used old newspapers to make fake snow balls to have a proper snow ball war inside the hall! 


This week at Merstham Rangers we were talking about  Chinese New Year, 2019 is the Year of Pig! We have been exploring the similarities and differences between new year celebrations in England and in China.  On Tuesday we made tasty noodles with spring onions, soy sauce, sweet corn, green pepper ,green peas and carrots. We have been also making Chinese lanterns, paper dragons, Pig masks and listening to Chinese music.

Merstham Rangers have been doing a lot of construction and the boys really enjoyed making a chair from Jenga bricks and happy robots from stickle bricks.  


This week at Merstham Rangers we have been talking about friendship and what qualities make some your best friend. We discussed how Merstham Rangers can behave, interact and play to be friendlier and kinder to everyone in the club as we are a very friendly Rangers Family.  

On Tuesday we made our famous delicious pita bread pizzas with sweet corn, tomatoes and cheese on the top. The pizzas were so yummy that we are going to make them again soon 😊

As the weather has been very nice we have been playing football, hockey and other games on the field. We really enjoy playing on the wooden climbing frames.

Breakfast Club Rangers favourite game this week was a ‘Shoe bomb’, a pairing up game (but with our shoes) it was fun to match shoes to the child as at school we all wear black shoes only, so it's trickier to make the pairs!


Last week at Merstham Rangers was all about books and joy of reading! 2019 will mark the 100th anniversary of Children’s Book Week, so we encourage Rangers to get arty by drawing their favourite characters from different books, creating their own personalised bookmarks and designing their own book covers - With the paints, crayons and glitter we had a lot of fun! The favourite characters were : Harry Potter and Greg from Wimpy Kid.

On Tuesday we celebrated Pancake Day by eating many pancakes for breakfast and snack. Our favourite combination was pancakes with honey- sweet and sticky treat after busy school day 😊


This week at Merstham Rangers we have been exploring Mini-beasts, little critters children are passionate about, such as spiders, ladybirds, caterpillars and butterflies. Do you know that there are around 180,000 species of caterpillar and they vary massively in appearance. Some are camouflaged and others are brightly coloured to scare off predators. We used our imagination to design our own caterpillars and other creatures.

On Tuesday we made delicious cupcakes from scratch and had fun decorating and eating them after snack. Mixing eggs with butter, sugar and flour was a real challenge but Merstham Rangers never give up :)  

We also enjoyed playing 'Guess who' game and describing different characters using new vocabulary. 


This week at Merstham Rangers we have been leaning about Ireland and St Patrick's day. St Patrick's day is supposed to bring you luck and we learnt about what exactly 'luck' means and we had an interesting discussion about what it means to feel lucky? We decided that a pot of gold or some money would be a very lucky thing to have but that good friends, family and seeing natures beauty in all of its creations (such as rainbows, leaves, the sky) is far luckier! We spent some time making few lucky shamrocks to help bring even more luck into our lives.

On Thursday and on Friday we played many strategic board games and card games to learn new problem-solving skills. Our favourite game this week was 'Draughts' and it looks like we have a small competition between boys and girls in Merstham Rangers 😊


This week has been all about Family and the special relationships we have with our parents, siblings and other relatives. We have been trying to figure out and understand the responsibilities people in our families have when they look after us and our surroundings. We also created our family trees, painted family portraits and made some beautiful cards ready for Mothering Sunday.

Next week we will be having our amazing Easter Party on Friday 5th April, from 1.30pm - 6pm, so if you love hot cross buns, good movies and Easter Egg hunts make sure you are there for all the fun!


Merstham Rangers have been getting creative with Easter Decorations and enjoyed being active and playing lots of different sporty games outside. We had a great time exploring the fields, finding ladybirds and making daisy-chain bracelets.

We had an amazing time creating some beautiful Easter Bonnets from paper plates and decorating them with cute Easter Chicks, Eggs, carrots and pompoms!

On Friday Pirate Captain Ro came to our club in search of his lost treasure. 

Children at Dawn Rangers have been putting their imaginations to the test by playing with wooden bricks and small word play, making a town with a police station, hospital and an airport.

Don’t forget to come for our fabulous Easter Party on the 5th of April, from 1.30 to 6.00 to enjoy chocolate eggs hunt, delicious hot cross buns , ‘HOP’ the movie and other creative activities 😊


Merstham Rangers have been learning about English traditions. On Tuesday 23rd of April we celebrated St George’s day which is the patron saint of England. He was a Roman soldier who protested against the Roman torture of Christians and was killed for his beliefs. He is most famous for the story of his fight against the dragon.

Wearing a red rose in your buttonhole or on your lapel was a tradition on St George's Day so we made few red roses from the paper, and coloured other ones too.

English traditions that Merstham Rangers remembered were all related to food. For snack we served baked beans on toast and as an example for other traditions we discussed dishes such as: traditional English breakfast, Sunday roast, fish and chips, jelly and ice creme, tea, scones and cucumber sandwiches and of ‘course Victoria sponge cake 😊.

We also thought that English people have a culture of  being very polite (always say thank you, please and sorry) and love to queue politely when waiting for something important.  


This week is all about feelings and emotions as we have noticed it could be quite difficult for some children to express their feelings and describe their emotions.  

We are going to use a Monster Feelings Prompts pack to encourage children to write about what makes them happy, sad, mean, angry or confused or draw what they are feeling which will help them to have a better understanding of emotion think of ways of dealing with them when they become to much to cope with. 

We also are going to make a slime as kneading has a very therapeutic impact on all children, not mansion great fun when you make it 😊


 At Merstham Rangers we have been talking about Princesses, Knights and our favourite stories or movies. We thought about why we like them and what they teach us. We all had to think what kind of Princess or Knight they would want to be and what name they would have. We then created pictures of ourselves as a stroybook character and told a short story about our character and the values their character represents. To celebrate all of our hard work we made some yummy rice crispy cakes!


This week was all about traveling, all the way around the world! We looked at transport we use when we are going on holiday and have been discovering where England is on a globe. We thought about how far you have to go to fly to Spain, France, Greece, South Africa and USA. We discussed different ways of travelling to different places, all the children thought that aeroplanes are the best way to travel. We then used chairs to create our own aeroplane in the hall and role-played being on the plane as passengers and the Trolly service selling drinks and snacks. We also remembered to give safety instructions to all passengers and provided some entertainment as flight to New York was very long whilst role-playing flight attendants.  We also enjoyed playing outside and making street art. Happy days 😊



Merstham Rangers have been talking about camping. We explored and talked about what camping is and shared stories about holidays to campsites they have gone to. We then had a go at completing a camping word-search, the search had a list of all the equipment to bring and things you to do whilst camping. For Monday we had a delicious pitta pizza that we took time preparing for ourselves, we used: pittas, tomatoes, sweetcorn and red peepers. On Tuesday we had a go at trying some science! We conducted the 'cloud in a jar' experiment using shaving foam, water and food colouring. It was fun mixing the colours and seeing how they dissolve into the foam. 

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