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This term at lime tree we are looking at team building and working together as a group. We started that this week by playing different games involving team work. We also did some Japanese cherry blossom painting, it was so much fun! 


So far this week the children have been making up their own team building games, they have enjoyed figuring out new ways to work together and exploring ways to build their communication. We have also made some origami figures using nothing but paper and our imaginations!


This week the children had great fun doing lots of different styles of painting for our new displays,They got stuck in and now rangers looks more colourful and exciting than ever before! Rangers also had an amazing experience of joining in with our 'Camp glide's got talent' - showing off all their special skills and supporting their friends...that's what rangers is all about! 


The children this week have been having more fun playing team games and games you can play in a large group. On Monday all the children that chose to go outside had great fun creating an outdoor game of 'pacman' (like 'IT' but you can only move in a line Pacman!). We have also been playing large games of volleyball! 



This week we introduced our new 'in' and 'out' boards. Helping the children to develop their independence, name recognition (for our little ones) and responsibility.  The children are enjoying checking themselves in when they get to club and having the responsibility of putting there names to show where they are going (inside, outside or toilet). 


This week we had 'camp glides got talent' showing as much courage as we could, we performed a variety of our talents in front of our fellow rangers! When we were watching other children perform we showed all of our values, being caring, responsible and respectful while other children performed. 


This week we have been trying new foods, we have tried: red pepper humus, Tzatziki (Greek Dip), Roasted red peppers, Moroccan style couscous, and many more exciting combinations of food for snack. We are looking at flags from around the world and have been playing pac-man outside. Later in the week we are having park mini challenges...we are most excited for the blindfold maze!


On Wednesday we did a quiz testing our general knowledge and we've been enjoying the nice weather playing some outdoor games. 

Unfortunately we have had some sad news that our staff member Laura will no longer be working with us at Rangers but are happy to say she is moving on to an exciting new role!  


The children have been making their own passports as our topic is around the world! They have also spent some time role playing about catching a flight and making boarding passes. On Tuesday we celebrated pancake day by eating some yummy pancakes and on Wednesday we had yummy noodles for snack because we are learning about China. We have been having so much fun thinking about different countries.

We also welcomed new staff member Elliot! 



This week at rangers we have been talking about and exploring facts about Italy. The children had the opportunity to try some pasta with tomato sauce, it was really yummy! We have also been learning some new games such as Giants Wizards Elves and Steal my pig.



As our theme this term has been around the world we have been playing Alaskan baseball! We also played some football and have made some beautiful loom bands. We have been exploring our role play by playing cafes, shops and travel agents! We have made some beautiful street art, African paper plate necklaces and some play-dough. We have also started to think about this terms giving back project, the children have chosen to do a sponsored silence on Monday 1st April, all donations from the sponsored silence will be going towards WWF with the intention of adopting an animal (if we raise enough). 



As most of you are aware, this term at rangers we have been looking at around the world. This has helped to influence our ideas regarding our giving back project. For our project we have decided to do a sponsored silence as this will help for our children to learn ways to communicate around the world using the universal language of movement, actions and overall body language. This is alongside raising money for the WWF, who are helping to protect animals around the world, we have hopes to adopt an animal if we raise enough money. The winning park with the most donations will be able to choose which animal we will be adopting. If anyone would like to help us please come along or children can do it at home. Sponsorship forms will be available on the desk at Rangers Lime Tree and donations to be handed in to Josie or Emily by the 5th of April Here are some of our Rangers spelling out 'WWF'. 



Unfortunately as some of our children forgot their sponsorship forms last week for our sponsored silence we are postponing our giving back project until after Easter, can we please make sure sponsorship forms are completed and returned by the first week back after the two week break. We can't wait to give back to our community and save some animals! 

This week at Rangers we are doing lots of exciting activities including making smore biscuits on Friday! 



This term we are finding out all about science. Last week we had fun exploring our senses. We made lots of fun things to touch like slime and playdough. We learnt the secret formulas to make these recipes and mixed them all together in our secret laboratory!



This week we have been learning lots of new games during snack time, we also learnt a really fun new came called 'elephant ball' - Its so exciting to play and its so fun hitting the ball with our hands like a trunk!  We also spent some time reflecting on our values and how to show them at Rangers. This includes being respectful by listening and looking after our toys, being caring by looking after each other, showing responsibility for our actions and being honest. 


At LimeTree we have added new quiet zone with a TeePee tent for some silent reading or rest, its a silent zone where children can focus of relax. We also have introduced an independent creative corner where children can help themselves to materials and create their own masterpieces. Please remember that as weather is getting warmer your children may need sunhats and suncream for after-school club as we are often outside. 



We have been having lots of fun at Rangers this week and on Friday this week we will be playing a game called egg drop! The idea of the game is a quiz type activity sheet that we have to fill out and finish in small groups - for each question we get right, we get a point. Our points are like money and we can spend those points in a tuck shop filled with lots of junk modelling and building materials. We then will use these building materials to create a safe space for an egg that we are going to drop from height. The group whose egg doesn't crack wins! 

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