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This half term at Hokey Cokey we are learning about our values: Responsibility, Respect, Caring and Honesty.


Today we met Barnaby Bear, he has come to visit us to make sure we are being our best selves and showing our values everyday. He has 'cookies' we can put into a jar when we have been superstars at Hokey Cokey and shown all our values. He is a magic bear and when his jar has 12 cookies he can grant us a wish and choose a treat from his treat box. This is so exciting!


This week we are focusing on friendship. Today we drew some pictures of aliens and spoke about how we could make them feel welcome and happy if they came to visit us on earth. We talked about different things that make people happy and nice things we could do for somebody else. Hokey Cokey children think the best way to make a friend is to show them a smile! 


This week we have been doing lots of colouring by numbers, it has been really fun and we have been enjoying figuring out what colours go where. Its helped us use our fine motor skills and number recognition. We also spent lots of time outside playing giant team games of it and what's the time Mr Wolf. 


We have had a busy week at Hokey Cokey this week, we have been learning about respect and how to value each other. To help build this we have been working together in lots of different team activities and games. The children competed in a Disney Song quiz, working together in small groups to find out the answers with the winning team each taking home 'the Hokey Cokey Genius award'. The children and staff all had fun this week playing four corners*, creating obstacle courses, races and playing 'alien invaders'.

We have also been creating posters encouraging our four values. Each of these posters have saying that promote caring, honesty, being respectful and responsible. The children have enjoyed making these and spoke about what they might mean.  

*One child is It. That child closes his or her eyes while the rest of the children (and staff) go to one of the four corners in the classroom (Marked in a square by cones). When all students are settled inside their square in their corner,the child that is It points at a corner (with their eyes closed). All the kids who chose that corner are out of the game and must sit down. Its great fun! 


This week at Hokey Cokey we earned our 12 cookies from Barnaby Bear! Meaning we will be choosing a treat from our suggestion box this week so we can plan what we are going to do next week and making sure our treat is ready for us to have. We earn cookies by showing our values and following our Hokey Cokey Rules.  

Also this week at Hokey Cokey Club we did another Disney Music Quiz and have also been learning new dances. On Monday Playworkers Zoe, Amy and Sophie taught us how to do the Cha-Cha Slide and the Macerana. We then spent some time teaching them some dances that we know and played a game called 'following the Dancer'.

On Tuesday this week we will be learning how to the PAC-Man game outside and we learning the 'hot potato' game in the afternoon during circle games. We will then be playing the new game we have learnt called 'rhythm master'. 


This term at Hokey Cokey we are learning about 'around the world'. This week we are finding out fun facts and doing activities about China. On Monday we made our very own Chinese Lanterns and learnt that China's New Year lasts for 15 days! We also played football outside and had some races, we played around with the different ways we can move for a race (for example skipping or side stepping) alongside running. We also have been talking about the value 'caring' and what is is to be a good friend. We made some recipes for making the perfect friend and it was great fun! On Tuesday we played a live action cluedo to help solve 'who stole Barnaby bear!', it was great fun and we enjoyed figuring out the clues from the adults. On Wednesday we played a giant crystal maze game with different challenges to earn crystals. It was so much fun! 


This week at Hokey Cokey we have been making Hemma Bead creations, it was good fun and we used our fine motor skills to help put the beads in the right places on the peg boards. Our favourite boards to use were the frog and bunny boards!  On Tuesday this week we are having pancakes and we will be putting the toppings on ourselves, we will also be learning about why we have pancake day and what 'lent' is. We will be having 'pancake' races and doing a pancake quiz. Later this week we will be learning about mexico and will be making a pinata to smash and some mexican masks. On Friday we will be trying nachos, listening to mexican music, playing some mexican games, playing with a pinata and learning about their culture. It's so exciting! 


This week at Hokey Cokey we are going to be learning all about England. We are going to be decorating tea cups and playing some traditional English games. On Tuesday we played four corners and coloured some traditional English landmarks and made some big red busses using red,black and white card. We also played football outside, it was really fun. On Wednesday we made some paper chain caterpillars and had some good fun playing our new pirate game. Thursday we are making crowns and talking about the Royal Family. We are also making all about England bookmarks! We are looking forward to our Friday tea party where we will be playing traditional party games (like squeak piggy squeak), eating scones and watching Sherlock Gnomes (A great British detective movie!).


At Hokey Cokey we are finding out about Africa. We have discussed that Africa is a Continent made up of many different countries, we learnt that Egypt is a part of Africa and so is South Africa. The children are excited to discover what other countries are African! On Friday this week we will be trying some African Food. We have lots of different African Games we are going to play and we will be listening to some African music. We have been talking about the different animals you find in Africa and will be making animal masks later in the week. 


For the next two weeks at Hokey Cokey we are doing activities that are all about spring and Easter. On Monday we made some beautiful tissue paper flowers and pictures, we had fun getting creative with these by drawing on scenes and adding to the picture once the flowers were added (such as vases) ...one child even made a flower clown face! We also played a giant game of live action Cluedo to figure out who stole all of our toys. Later this week we will be making cotton wool sheep, having a spring time quiz, bug hunting, leaf pictures and a sports day on Friday. 


This week at Hokey Cokey have been having fun exploring different things about Easter and preparing for our Free Cake giving back project that is happening on Friday. We had some fun on Monday making some bunting for our cake stall, playing the boxes game and enjoying the sunshine outside. We also made some beautiful tissue paper flowers and played on the Etch-a-sketchers. On Tuesday we will be making some more decorations for the cake sale and have got some exciting Easter mazes to complete. We will be decorating our cakes and biscuits for the Cake Stall on Thursday and we are so excited to give them to you! On Friday after we have worked at our cake stall, we will be having an Easter Egg Hunt, playing some Easter games and having a movie night. 


Last week at Hokey Cokey we had a large group show and tell to talk about our half term break and what we did for the bank holiday weekend. We also played lots of summer games and wrote some summer bucket lists with lots of fun activities we would like to do for summer. Outside we played football and were having races to complete the trim trail. We played some large group games like four corners, a talent show and lots more. It's been a great first week of the Summer term and we can't wait to see what the rest of the term has in store for us! 


This week at Hokey Cokey we have been exploring the 'Stone Age' and Prehistoric Era. We made some exciting cave painting pictures using Tea to tea stain the paper so it looks like the walls of a cave! The children enjoyed using the tea to paint on the paper and scrunching them up so they look old and rocky. We also did some chalk drawings on the floor to feel what it would be like to draw on the side of a cave. Some children used Lego to make their own 'dream cave' if they were a caveman, lots of these included things like straw beds for themselves and their families and trapdoor entrances!  


Hokey Cokey club have been embracing their inner superhero this week! On Tuesday we made some superhero masks, shields and costumes. We thought about what our powers could be and how we could use them for good, After snack we played dragons den with the children coming up with products with sales pitches for items and services to help make the superheros lives easier, we had some exciting products such as a belt that made you indestructible, a booklet for people on how to help out superheros/making sure we are kind to them and even a magic button on top of a mountain that can teleport the superheros to a secret location with a giant TV telling them who needs to be saved! On Wednesday we cracked secret codes left for the superheros by people in danger, to help the superheros find them.  Today (Thursday) we are writing in own secret notes in lemon juice and seeing if we can make them appear on the page by holding them up to a light (The lemon juice turns brown making the secret message visible).  On Friday we are making superhero puppets with lollipop sticks and coloured card, we will make our own superheros and some that we have seen already (Like batman or spiderman). 


At Hokey Cokey club this week we have been thinking about all things disney! On Monday we made some nemo inspired paper plate crafts using only paper plates, watercolour paints and our imaginations, later in the day we tested our Disney knowledge with a quiz. Today (Tuesday) we are making monster collage pictures using tissue paper, inspired by monsters inc we hope our monsters want to make us laugh not scream! We are then going to be testing our acting skills by acting out our favourite scenes from Disney Movies whilst the other children guess what scene we are doing/who we are/what movie we are from. On Wednesday we will be writing/drawing our own scripts for a Disney movie and we will then be playing a game of Disney karaoke and musical statues. Thursday will see us exploring our inner explorer as we design our very own house from up using pom poms and our drawing skills. After snack on Thursday the children will be presenting ideas to help their favourite Disney Characters in a dragons den style. On Friday we are having a Disney themed party, children are invited to wear fancy dress or pyjamas, have their face painted and play a range of Disney themed party games.


This week we have been making the most out of the beautiful sunshine by having our snack outside on the astro! We have also been playing large group games outside like bulldog, 'IT' and stuck in the mud!


This week is all about science! On thursday we are doing an experiment with coke and mentos, we will be trying to see which coke will make the biggest explosion; diet or regular.  We will also be making a giant lava lamp on Friday. We are going to do this by adding oil to water and food colouring and then adding a tablet to make it fizz and bubble! 



This week at Hokey Cokey we will be helping to expand the children's knowledge in a fun way! On Monday we played an exciting quiz with lots of different sections. On Tuesday we are going to be playing a game called Dutch Auction which is a game with physical, mental and team challenges! Wednesday we will be figuring out puzzles of all different kinds in our version of the crystal maze. On Thursday we will be conducting some science experiments to see if we can estimate outcomes correctly. On Friday we will be working on our skills of deduction as we try to figure out who stole our special table in a giant game of cludeo. 


We have been embracing our inner wizard and witch this week at Hokey Cokey. We have started to write our very own spell book and will be making some potions later on in the week,It's been so exciting!


Finding our inner detectives the next two weeks we have been solving mysteries and will be solving codes, winning prizes and looking for clues.

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