Using Childcare Vouchers / Tax Free Childcare With Us

Childcare vouchers are a great way for Parents/Carers to pay for childcare. Some employers offer the scheme under which salary is sacrificed so that it can be used tax free on registered childcare like Camp Glide.
Some people are eligible for Tax Free Childcare and can sign up online 
We are registered with most voucher providers and are happy to register with new voucher providers. 
All voucher providers operate differently. You will be able to search for us with most voucher providers using our Ofsted URN, Setting Name or post code. Some voucher providers will need a unique reference, please contact us for this.
Setting Name: Camp Glide
Our Ofsted URN is: EY466533
Postcode: RH2 0LR

The way we will be accepting bookings via childcare vouchers / tax free childcare has changed for bookings made after Wednesday 12th December 2018.


Any parent/carer wishing to use childcare vouchers or tax free childcare will need to request a code from us by emailing, please also provide your voucher provider or TFC reference. This code will be unique to you as a parent/carer and must not be shared.


You will use this code upon in the shopping bag just before checkout to make your bookings. The "coupon code" box is at the bottom of the screen underneath all the items in your bag. The code will allow you to checkout without the need for a card payment. Please take note of the amount your order came to before being discounted. This is the amount you will owe to Camp Glide. If you are waiting for your code to be issued you can book and pay with a card. We will happily refund card payments once voucher or TFC payments have reached our account. 


Payment must be made in full within 7 days of receiving your invoice, or immediately if the first day of your booking is within 7 days.

Your booking may not be honoured if payment has not been received within 7 days of your invoice, or immediately if the first day of your booking is within 7 days. Children will not be able to attend until any outstanding balance has been paid.


You are obliged to pay for any booking madeCancellation notice periods are in line with booking via other payment methods. Please see our terms and conditions page. You will be charged for any sessions you have booked even if your child does not attend unless the correct notice period is given. Please be aware that some voucher payments can take 4-5 days to reach us. Therefore, our advice is that you release funds through your scheme immediately after making your booking. Please use your order number or child’s full name as a reference.

Accounts in arrears may have their code suspended, thus you will not be able to make future bookings in this way.

Please note that if you are waiting for a code to make bookings via vouchers/TFC then we will accept card payments and refund this back to you once full payment for your booking has been received. Please contact us if you wish to utilise this arrangement.

Please note our setting addresses are listed separately on this website.
Company Address:
Camp Glide Ltd,
Upton Hollies, The Avenue,
Company Number: 08497060
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